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okay. the only thing i'm commenting on is derek's reactions last night and the previews on the next episode.

i think derek was pretty upset when addison told him the whole mark relationship. afterall him and addison were together for like 11 years i think it was? or more. and then he's never home because of work, addison cheats with his bestfriend. hard to believe i know. it would be hard to believe, but addison is a doctor/surgeon too. she should know that derek can't control his working hours most of the time. even if he is one of the best. she should have been a little more understanding and not just jumping into bed with his bestfriend. so i think it was a pretty big surprise when derek heard of the relationship they had. i think it hit him .. it hit him had too. the fact that he turned down his new lustly love meredith, for his adulterous wife. the fact that he knew he loved meredith more than his wife, because of her actions that turned him away, he found better. i think he thought he had a chance to get over the whole mark/addi ordeal. but he didn't. he realized that and apologized to meredith and confessed his love. i don't blame him for staying with addison when she first came to seattle. if i was married that long i would probably do the exact same thing. it's hard to deal with. but anyways WAY off track, sorry. i think that derek just needs time to let it sink in. i think he's just upset that he made the wrong choice. the WORST choice. he realized it when addi told him of the relationship, and the practically RIGHT after he ran into meredith. i think it just hit him pretty hard seeing her and having the whole wrong decision thing floating in his head. now i really don't think he meant to just say okay when meredith told him the news. i think he just didn't want to get emotional at that time because he would have more than likely broke down.

okay. the previews for next week. HELLO!! did anyone else get a shake up when they saw meredith walk in dereks trailer and see this girl, sitting on his bed, luckily with her clothes on, and him with his shirt off and i'm pretty sure he had messed up hair! that seriously pushed me off the edge. i was like OH MY GOSH! derek cannot do this to mer! she does not even deserve that! and then i thought whoa. that's not something derek would do either. then i thought maybe it is since he did with addison. and finding out something else big she lied about he'd do it again. maybe she was a one night stand?? but then i thought on the bright side. she did have dark hair like derek. maybe she was his sister? came in to give him comfort. because if you remember back to the first season like the 3rd episode, he said he had 5 sisters, they were all close, and he would want them to be there if anything ever happened. maybe this is the time. something HUGE happened, bigger than the fling in NY, and he wanted atleast one to be there. you never know. think on the brightside! atleast until next week. and then you can spoon his eyes out if this chick's anything more than a sister! just kidding. that would be mean. but that's all i have on this. i think i've probably outdid my writing. sorry for all you who read this .. pretty boring and long i know. sorry! =]


The woman is Derek's sister. I believe she is on for several episodes.


when i saw the previews for next week i was so angry i almost hurled my remote at the tv. who the hell is this woman that mcdreamy is sleeping with? he's such an idiot. he told meredith he loved her. and now he goes and does this after meredith breaks up with finn for him. what a selfish bastard.

i still love him though :)


I was shocked and upset with Derek when he had heard about there is no MCVET. I feel somewhat sorry for him that sure was a low blow(Addison and )Mark). The poor guy thought he was doing the right thing to take her back knowing he was in LOVE with MER. Then feeling at fault for what had happened between MER and HIM at the prom he was taking the fault. While she acted all sweet and pure. She can Have the BROWNSTONE and SEATTLE IS HIS!!!!!.. Dr.Burke needs to stop acting like a baby. Yes, I understand he was shot my heart went out to him but, enough is enough, If you are so strong then act like it. He's a renowned surgeon do what ever it takes to get back in the groove of things. PLEASE!!PLEASE!!! I hope it will come out about CALLIE and MARK see she isn't innocent. Izzie don't cash the check become a partner of the hospital or open A HEART CENTER IN DENNY'S MEMORY making you the head surgeon I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!


Should Callie have told George about hooking up with McSteamy?

Absolutely not. She broke up with George. He didn't notice. While I love George and hate Callie, she deserves better. Even if all she got was a romp in bed with McSteamy. I'm sure he was a more than adequate rebound.

Harder to believe: Someone not cashing an $8.7M check, or someone getting their piercing imbedded in ... you know.

Normally I would say someone not cashing an $8.7M check, but not in this case. Izzie is not fine. Her fiancee died and then his father, who insisted she call him Denny, shows up with this check. I don't think the reason she's sitting on it is because she doesn't know what to do with it, because she could just cash the check any ways and let it collect interest in the bank. I think she hasn't cashed it yet because it's too painful. Denny isn't there, but now this money that he left her is. Cashing the check is yet another way she's forced to think about Denny's death. Izzie can do a lot with $8.7M, but there's no way that money can replace Denny.

Will Dr. Burke ever operate on his own again?

He's Preston Burke. I think that if he can't operate on his own, he won't operate. But he's going to work hard on his rehab. He's a surgeon, and at the end of the day, they all want to operate. I definitely think Burke would take over as chief if given the opportunity.

What is Derek's deal?

Honestly, I don't know. It killed me when Derek took himself out of the running, even though he thought he was doing the right thing. I think Meredith had really bad timing in telling him that she broke up with Finn. It would have gone over so much better if she had just told him in the stairwell. But elevator scenes are so pivital to their relationship. Even though his marriage to Addison is over, the divorce finalized, he didn't realize that Addison and Mark had a relationship. That's not something easy to hear. I think he needs some time to let it sink in before he can be receptive to what Meredith told him. The previews for next week have me really concerned though. I'm sure it's nothing long-term, but still. I do love the fact that they gave a woman a McNickname, though!


the crazy thing I don't understand w/ respect to Addison's new "revelation," is that her relationship with McVet was only after Derek already knew they were having an affair. I would be mad, because I'd feel like the whole "trying to get back together" thing was a joke, but I wouldn't be as hurt as I would've been by the initial affair. Thus, I could understand Derek's reaction to Addison "Seattle is mine, I never want to see you again," but not his subsequent interaction with Meredith.

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