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Totally arrogant brain surgeon dumps absolutely gorgeous and arrogant obstetric specialist, with whom he shares a totally great dialogue. In comes a totallly arrogant cosmetic surgeon whose weakness is the totally beautiful obstetric specialist, who makes him go weak in the knees, but with whom, happily, he shares a fabulous dialogue.

Meredith and Derek's byplay used to be so much fun for me to watch until I got a load of Derek and Addison, who had that blend of vulnerable and witchy downpat. Now comes McSteamy, a man who has all the twinkle of McDreamy, and then some AND has the good sense to want a woman and not an adolescent.

I'm gonna absolutely love this season. Wish more shows were able to take note of hte audience's reaction to a cameo character and bring them on for a longer stint.


What an awesome addition to the cast. I love his voice and the twinkle in his eye. He plays a great McSteamy and can only add a bit more competition to the list of already hot and handsome men of Seattle Grace. I am looking forward to the fire works between Mark and Addison. He is obviously in love with her, came all the way across country to convince her to come home, but was she just using him to get Derek's attention? It remains to be seen. He sure had our attention in that towel!


omg hott
i love him

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