American Idol Picture of the Day: Seriously Stoked

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It's been a Chris Daughtry-filled day here at American Idol Worship, so we figured why not cap it off with this classic image from earlier this year. As you can see, the one-time finalist and current lead singer of Daughtry is seriously pumped up after completing an inspired performance on our favorite show:

Chris Daughtry and Ryan Seacrest on American Idol

Next to the rocker, of course, is the popular American Idol host who's kicking some butt in our latest poll. In this picture, however, Ryan Seacrest looks less like the super cool MC we're used to and more like... an MC who's somewhat confused.

Maybe he's just daydreaming about on-again, off-again girlfriend Shana Wall. Who knows. All we do know is that this pic is a definite keeper.

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Top of the billboard charts he goes! Chris Daughtry has sold more CD's than any other American Idol performer. The funny thing about it is, he didn't even win American Idol.