Round Table: "Time Has Come Today"

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This week on the Round Table, Izzie grieves, Callie cooks, and mostly-unnecessary blasts from the past are all the rage. Our esteemed panel weighs in on last night's episode...

Why the heck is Finn's hat in any Meredith-related ring?

My Hat Is In.
McCritic: Because it lost a bet? I have no idea. Meredith can be sweet and all - but between the hysterics, and obvious parallel, over Doc being put to sleep and then, you know, the sex with Derek at the prom, it's obvious where this doctor's heart lies. Stevie Wonder has 20/20 vision compared to you, Finn. Find a girl that appreciates you.

AwayWithMerDer: Duh, 'cause they were never exclusive. Obviously he can't be angry at Meredith, who was being celibate, for sleeping with a married man. Go Team Finn. He's not pathetic or anything.

iheartizzie: He adores her, despite her flaws. You have to wonder why he's even bothering, though... if he figured out what happened at the prom, he should know his chances are remote. Yet you have to admire him for going down swinging.

Flashbacks: I want more? Pretty huge bore?

iheartizzie: The flashback of Derek leaving Addison was compelling. It was painful and emotionally charged -- even more so than the powerful scene of Miranda and Omar sobbing on opposite sides of the door. That glimpse into Derek's past tells a lot about him. As for the rest of them, they didn't offer anything new. Yes, Derek met Meredith at the bar! What's the point?

AwayWithMerDer: I want more Addison in no pants. Yum. The other flashbacks? Pretty huge bore.

Dr. Burke Closes the Deal?
McCritic: Given the brief nature of them -- and the lack of any new information revealed from these characters' pasts -- I'd refer to them as a "pretty huge bore." But I am curious if Preston and his killer purple tie/shirt combo closed the deal with that fox at the party as well as he closes incisions on the operating table.

Does George smell what Callie is cooking?

AwayWithMerDer: I sure hope so. It looked like some sort of Italian. Maybe a nice pesto sauce? Either way, some authentic Italian cooking from this Latina character. And if George doesn't notice your cooking? Count me in!

McCritic: I think so. He just needs time to chew, swallow and digest it. We don't want our fragile intern choking to death, do we?

iheartizzie: Probably. Did you see how many things she had going in the kitchen? The aroma surely filled most of the house when he walked in.

What's next for the grieving Isobel Stevens?

McCritic: Two words: Cup. Cakes.

AwayWithMerDer: I think she needs 50 cc's of Karev. Stat. And with the new haircut he got in the one day between seasons 2 and 3? What a stud!

iheartizzie: Reading the classifieds. I heart Izzie, but no way our girl is getting back into the internship program after pulling a stunt like that. Nor could she find the strength. Hate to say it, but the pompous Alex we saw at that cocktail party was right.

Alex & Izzie Meet

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For sarah...Derek stayed at the hospital all night after the prom. He told Richard that he had performed a surgery that night and wanted to see if Richard could get someone to cover his rounds for that morning. But, Dr. Bailey came up and talked about all the patients they had, and he had to stay. He was wanting to go talk to Meredith before it was too late. I loved the episode. I do wish that Derek would have said something to Meredith about I am leaving her...I guess when he said he made the wrong choice that means his marriage is over. I hope Meredith chooses Derek...their chemistry is so great.


I enjoyed the flashbacks and the new episode in general. It was interesting to see characters acting in uncharacteristic ways. Bailey was not the Nazi, but rather an emotional wreck over not being able to help Omar. Derek realized he could have missed his opportunity to tell Merideth that he loves her after a season of trying to deny it to himself. Cristina vulnerable as she asks Preston to never die. My personal favorite line in the whole show was Dr. Burke response to Cristina's plea, "I'll do my best." It was just about his only line (other than a flash back) in the whole episode, but I loved it. My most favorite thing about this entire show is the diversity of characters and the fact that race is so completely insignificant, as it should be in life. People are people, relationships are relationships, and at Seattle Grace ethnicity is not an issue. There is genius in that.


Why on Earth is it Meredith's choice?????? What choice does she have??? Derek went home to his wife after the dopey prom thing right??? He's the freakin' married one! If he is that much in love with another woman, than he's an ##s for living a lie when in fact it is he that has to make a choice---first. The two deserve each other for their lack of ethics and spineless existences.


um spoiler.. y is she dating both will episod 3 show who she picks..


Overall, I was a little disappointed with the episode. I understand that it's a lot of set-up for things to come, but on its own, it wasn't a very good episode. Someone coming into Grey's Anatomy new this season might not be inclined to watch it again based on that. It just didn't stand on its own very well. Also, I find myself caring less and less about Meredith. I'm glad other plots are being developed. I wonder if the writers are having Richard and Adele split as a set-up for a possible hook up between Richard and Burke's mother?


I can't believe that our station showed episode 2 instead of the opening episode this week! Meredith ends up just flipping a coin at the end but decides to date both Finn and Derek at the same time and tells them that. Christina has to deal with Burkes Mom. Addison puts Mer's panties on the board and Callie says that they are hers. Addison ends up with Mark coming out of the shower in her hotel room after sex and Dereks discovers them there! There marriage then is officially over. Will be a bore next week now that we have seen this. Yikes.


yea there making it seem like we are sopusto be srry for addison but she cused all this.. and the der and mer thing.. well i think shes goin wit him.. cuz what finn sed was a lil weried that dereks bad and hes good.. idk i seemed weired.. BUT! did u no canada saw episode 2 insted of 1 last night.. so start talkin to canda and they will tell u what happenes


If Addison did find the panties in Derek's coat I'm glad. It is what she deserves for walking in and ruining every thing between Derek and Meridith after she screwed around on him. She stayed with Mark even after Derek left and only came to Seattle after she found out Derek had meant someone else and moved on. She was the one who ruined their marrige and now we are supposed to see her as the victim? I do like Addison but not with Derek.
The only thing that could have made the season premier better was if it showed Derek dumping Addison, no matter who Meridith picks.


what was the quote at the very end about time? it was very profound


To whomever was wondering, Addison was wearing Derek's jacket in the opening of the episode. It's pretty easy to surmise she found the panties in the pocket. I applaud her for taking the strength to do what she did. She didn't ignore it, nor run groveling to Derek. She took a stand. It was obviously tearing her apart--"I just don't understand how you can go back day-to-day and pretend everything is right. Because it's not"--that was an obvious parallel. Derek is a coward.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

"There are moments. O'Malley... moments that in a split second your life changes forever, and before you know it... you're somewhere else."


[in flashback]
Meredith: I have no story. I'm just a girl in a bar.
Derek: I'm just a guy in a bar.