Round Table: "Time Has Come Today"

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This week on the Round Table, Izzie grieves, Callie cooks, and mostly-unnecessary blasts from the past are all the rage. Our esteemed panel weighs in on last night's episode...

Why the heck is Finn's hat in any Meredith-related ring?

My Hat Is In.
McCritic: Because it lost a bet? I have no idea. Meredith can be sweet and all - but between the hysterics, and obvious parallel, over Doc being put to sleep and then, you know, the sex with Derek at the prom, it's obvious where this doctor's heart lies. Stevie Wonder has 20/20 vision compared to you, Finn. Find a girl that appreciates you.

AwayWithMerDer: Duh, 'cause they were never exclusive. Obviously he can't be angry at Meredith, who was being celibate, for sleeping with a married man. Go Team Finn. He's not pathetic or anything.

iheartizzie: He adores her, despite her flaws. You have to wonder why he's even bothering, though... if he figured out what happened at the prom, he should know his chances are remote. Yet you have to admire him for going down swinging.

Flashbacks: I want more? Pretty huge bore?

iheartizzie: The flashback of Derek leaving Addison was compelling. It was painful and emotionally charged -- even more so than the powerful scene of Miranda and Omar sobbing on opposite sides of the door. That glimpse into Derek's past tells a lot about him. As for the rest of them, they didn't offer anything new. Yes, Derek met Meredith at the bar! What's the point?

AwayWithMerDer: I want more Addison in no pants. Yum. The other flashbacks? Pretty huge bore.

Dr. Burke Closes the Deal?
McCritic: Given the brief nature of them -- and the lack of any new information revealed from these characters' pasts -- I'd refer to them as a "pretty huge bore." But I am curious if Preston and his killer purple tie/shirt combo closed the deal with that fox at the party as well as he closes incisions on the operating table.

Does George smell what Callie is cooking?

AwayWithMerDer: I sure hope so. It looked like some sort of Italian. Maybe a nice pesto sauce? Either way, some authentic Italian cooking from this Latina character. And if George doesn't notice your cooking? Count me in!

McCritic: I think so. He just needs time to chew, swallow and digest it. We don't want our fragile intern choking to death, do we?

iheartizzie: Probably. Did you see how many things she had going in the kitchen? The aroma surely filled most of the house when he walked in.

What's next for the grieving Isobel Stevens?

McCritic: Two words: Cup. Cakes.

AwayWithMerDer: I think she needs 50 cc's of Karev. Stat. And with the new haircut he got in the one day between seasons 2 and 3? What a stud!

iheartizzie: Reading the classifieds. I heart Izzie, but no way our girl is getting back into the internship program after pulling a stunt like that. Nor could she find the strength. Hate to say it, but the pompous Alex we saw at that cocktail party was right.

Alex & Izzie Meet

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I really liked this episode it was soo good that i watched the encore ep the next night!! it was cool to see how everyone was before we really got to know them like Cristina being a big dork in front of Burke and now to see them together... really funny. the flashback that pissed me off was of George talking to Meredith and she wasn't even paying attention to him and he was still talking to her. to think back and have George say that he was in love with her and how he had her ear the whole night just makes me mad at him b/c he liked her soo much but was soo blind that she was not clearly into him... GEEZ GEORGE!!!
i also loved how they were sitting shiva for Izzie eventhough she's Catholic lol. If i were Meredith i would definately choose McDreamy b/c he said he loved her and Finn hasn't (well Meredith really hasn't given him too much of a chance). I wish Meredith and McDreamy could just see the chemistry b/t them if they haven't b/c it's amazing!! they belong together.


I have to agree with Cherish, I don't want Derek and Addison to stay together, because I love him with Mer, but I do hope Addison stays on the show and gets back together with Mark. He is VERY nice to look at and really seems to love her. Someone earlier said they could see an Alex and Addie story line, but I hope Alex get back together with Izzie. He may have been a rodent before, but I loved how tenderly he cared for her when Denny died.


okay... thanks to everyone for sharing all of theri perspectives, i LOVE IT SO MUCH how i'm not the only one disturbingly obsessed with this show!
i've been trying to piece together what we saw in episode 301 + stuff "spoiler" said earlier int he comments and also what we've seen from the frey's video clip "how to save a life".
so, meredith has a choice, decides to flip a coin and dates both finn and mcdreamy:
- this would explain why she is making out with finn and about to make out with derek in the film clip (must be episode 2 or 3)
- doesn't really explain why when both der and finn rock up to the pub it looks like derek is super mad and leaves (maybe coz he sees how happy she looks with finn? oh nooo!!!!!!)
- (okay i'm reading into this too much) but she is wearing a red jumper int hat scene at the bar, and also when she is making out with finn, and derek is in some baggy jacket at the bar, which he also shows up to addison's door (somewhere) in
- so maybe at the bar she chooses finn, goes home with him, whist derek gets denied, goes back to addison, and finds her with mcsteamy???
I don't know... it's so much to think about!
and can i just say, i've never been a callie fan, but i really warmed to her in that episode, she was really good!
and also, the flashback at the merry go round - it sort of explains why ellis says (earlier in series 2 i think) about being scared or not liking merry go rounds to the chief....
oh, and i didn't get why bailey was emotional... very un-surgeon like i thought... but ogod acting!
olkay that was a really long post!


I abolutely love Greys Anatomy! I think Meredith should choose Finn because he has only been good to ger unlike Dr.Mecdreamy. Not only that but he is also a total hottie! If I had to choose between Finn and Derek...I would definitly choose Finn because he is hot, a sweet guy, and he's not married. Please don't break Finn's heart Meredith...what has he done to you...except love you?!?


I am not sure who mentioed it - but I think Callie was making Paella. It was definitely a Paella pan. I saw that and I thought i was a perfect subtle touch and nod to her heritage. As for the others - I definintely loved Derek's speech at the end. I am going to have to re-watch to see Addison wearing Derek's jacket, I didn't catch that and it was puzzling me how she came across the panties. But it was a nice little touch that Derek wanted to keep them.


Meredith has to follow her heart and her heart is telling her to choose Derek. She is in love with him. Personally, I would choose the man I KNEW I was in love with over the man I could POSSIBLY fall in love with someday, anyday. I'm probably in the minority, but I REALLY enjoyed the flashbacks. The one between Addy and Derek was so powerful and moving and just so poignant. It gave me a whole new outlook on the characters, especially Derek. Yes, we know that he found Addy in bed with his best friend, but for me, seeing it was much better than hearing about it. I wanted to see his reaction, I wanted to see her beg for him to stay. I loved it. I have to say, I totally love Meredith and Derek together and am praying that they reunite, but I am also looking forward to see Addy move on from Derek. I want to see her character go in a whole other direction. I want to learn more about her, not just who she was with Derek. I can't say I would mind a new love interest for her either. I love Addison and if she left, the show just wouldn't be the same.


Addison is a whore and an immature woman. I'm happy that Derek found Meredith.
Flashbacks were important for the storyline? What happened between Derek and Addison? And between MerDer? ...


I missed Bailey's flashback... did she have a flashback??? I'm curious why all of a sudden she's so emotional


Omg, you guys suck. I love Finn. I think he's going to be a great addition to the cast. Derek needs someone around to see that he can lose Meredith and Meredith needs to see that there are more fish in the sea and that she doesn't need mcdreamy/married man.


So the ball is in meredith's court. But why does it have to be between Finn and Mcdreamy?? Both are as eligable and are as hot! But seriously.. i hope she chooses MCDREAMY!! bye bye Addison!
Overall i thought the episode was FAB!! and i didn't mind at all the flashbacks especiall the part with addison and derek was super intense. Also all the other flashbacks was in one way or another related to the theme of the episode so it was all good.
And I want to see more of Burke and Christina so i can't wait for the next episode!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

"There are moments. O'Malley... moments that in a split second your life changes forever, and before you know it... you're somewhere else."


[in flashback]
Meredith: I have no story. I'm just a girl in a bar.
Derek: I'm just a guy in a bar.