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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XXIV

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In the 24th Insider Caption Contest, and the first of Season 3, we received a total of 68 submissions for the image below, taken from "Time Has Come Today."

TJ, Caroline, Rebecca, and a certain Burke Backer all made us laugh with their replies. In the end, however, we had to go with Liz as this week's winner. Her caption now appears underneath the image. Scroll down the page for the full list of replies. Thanks to all who participated, and good luck this week!

This Week's Caption Contest Image:

Cristina Meets Preston

"What kind of groupie do you think you are? I’ll be really impressed when you come back with a Burke t-shirt on, seriously!

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    Christina: Seriously, Burke, I'm trying to be a supportive girlfriend, but I don't understand how McFloozy is going to help your recovery.


    Burke: Ahhh yes, I would like another bottle of champagne
    Cristina: You're hot
    Burke: That's nice. The champagne?


    Christina: a cup of cofee??..

    Burke: you know, maybe the chief is right,
    Derek and I are arrogant surgeons


    Christina: "Hey, can you tell me where this Dr. McDreamy is? Some surgical inbred is hot after his trail and I need to get my hooks in before she does."


    Burke: "Look Christina - I can hold my right hand steady now."


    Burke: "I am Preston Burke. A world renowned cardiothoracic surgeon....and are....who the hell are you?"


    Burke: "Hey, listen...can you go get my date a cup of coffee? I hear it works like a charm."


    Christina: "So, who's the McFloozy?"


    Burke: Do you mind, I'm talking to someone that doesn't fall asleep during sex.


    Date: You never told me the mixer was in CHINA! That was a short trip!

    Christina: stares confused...

    Dr. Burke: HEY! She may be stupid, but she's hot, and I'm just in a hump&dump kind of mood. I'll be around for you in a few!

    Christina: Seriously? Seriously!? Thank you SO much Dr. Burke, I'm your biggest fan!

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