Grey's Anatomy Cast, Set in Chaos?

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Rumors of on-set dissension are flying as Grey's Anatomy gears up for a third season. While no credible source has come out with real evidence of the events below, there's certainly no shortage of Grey gossip on the web these days. Are the accounts below the truth, or just the byproducts of increased fame and tabloid speculation? We're not sure.

Reports of Ellen Pompeo requesting preferential treatment have surfaced all summer, and now the tabloids are reporting regularly that the woman who puts the Grey in Grey's Anatomy is irritating cast members with behavior suggesting she is the real star of the ensemble cast.

It all started on a cast trip to Monte Carlo, where Pompeo was interviewed separately from her co-stars. Tabloids speculated that she arranged this out of disdain, but her publicist countered by stating that it was the interviewers who made the request. There have also been reports of Ellen fighting with boyfriend Chris Ivery, and wanting more money per episode than her current contract allots.

Grey's Anatomy Cast, Set in Chaos?

Meanwhile, online sources are also reporting that for all her success and brilliant writing, series creator Shonda Rhimes has become increasingly challenging to work for and with.

Usually, shows work around an actor's schedule if they are busy during production, but rumor has it that Rhimes insists her cast takes on no other work during Grey's Anatomy filming.

Sandra Oh, for one, is named as being upset at missing an opportunity because of Grey conflicts.

Who knows whether these accounts are even rooted in truth, but tensions rising on set when a show gains popularity is hardly a new phenomenon.

Particularly in the case of a talented, diverse ensemble cast, there are often more demands for screen time and money, along with other career opportunities that arise given the show's popularity, which in turn lead to conflict. Here's hoping the problems get resolved in time for Season 3.

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