Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XV

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Thanks to all who participated in this edition of the Caption Contest. It was a pretty good turnout and some great responses were posted. While we were nearly swayed by the emotion of Elizabeth Parker's response, and both Katie and Naomi came up with some hilarious captions of their own, our staff has come to a consensus and named Eileen the winner. The winning caption appears under the image below.

Here's This Week's Image:

Caption Contest, No. 15

Joe: Pick me, choose me, love me.
Meredith: What are you, on drugs?

Great stuff. Thanks to all who participated. You can see all the responses by scrolling down the page, as well as by clicking on the image itself (where others posted comments). Be sure to take part in this week's new contest, and share your thoughts on all things Grey's Anatomy in our new

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Mer: Confusion not only reigns, it pours. Joe: I've got just what you need, some may call it a six pack, I call it a support group.


Joe: Oh, c'mon Meredith...suck it up for just once. Seriously! Meredith: Seriously? Joe: Seriously.


How many times do I have to tell you Meredith, I'm gay and I am not going home with you!


Merideth- stop looking at me like that.
Joe- like what?
Merideth- like you see me naked.
Joe- oh sorry.
Merideth- i'm in love with Derek remember.
Joe- sorry i totally forgot there for a sec.
Merideth- Duh.


Mer: I love you. You are so sexy. I wanna have your children. Joe: I know you're drunk, and that's why I'm going to accept that proposition


Joe: A martini? Seriously?? Meredith: Don't judge. I'm choosing between two men: Mr. Too Good to Be True and I'll Probably Break His Heart and Mr. Already Broke My Heart Once and I Still Can't Stop Thinking About Him. So, this very confused girl wants a martini. Please. Joe: I think what you need is a shot. Meredith: Ok, one of those, too.


Mer: Can you believe he called me a whore Jo: Well, you have gone home with a lot of men from here .........By the way hows that whole knitting thing working out for ya?


Joe: I swear I can't even see the zit
Meredith: Not see it?! but it is huge... Seriously!


"Come here often?"



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