McPhee Swarmed By McPhans at Broadway Show

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A Rising Idol
Katharine McPhee can't go anywhere without causing a stir these days.

People Magazine reports that after attending a recent Broadway show, the 22-year old starlet was mobbed by tourists. McPhans, if you will.

"I try to look at it as, well, we're all hot right now, but let's remember that this is a dog-eat-dog business and it could all go as fast as it came. I just keep that in mind," McPhee said.

Humility is healthy, but it's doubtful McPhee will be fading from the spotlight anytime soon, with a new record contract under her belt and two singles -- her original song "My Destiny" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" -- coming out on June 27.

She will be on tour with her fellow American Idol finalists beginning July 5. Katharine is also going to begin working on her full length debut album soon.

"Definitely, it'll be pop," she told People regarding her upcoming CD at the Brooklyn, N.Y., launch of the new Princess Cruise luxury liner. "It'll be on the radio, on the Top 40 charts hopefully." Stay tuned.

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