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ABC Pays Visit to Patrick Dempsey's Maine

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The Maine Man of Grey's AnatomyDespite a couple of turns at fame, Patrick Dempsey remains true to his roots. Recently, the actor took ABC News on a tour of his home town of Harpswell, Maine, a quaint fishing village on the state's beautiful mid-coast.

Dempsey was born in Turner, Maine, and raised in nearby Buckfield, where he attended high school. In his talk with ABC, he talked about young people view the isolation of Maine, the only one of the lower 48 states to border just one other (New Hampshire).

Yet the more time passes, the more Dempsey appreciates the natural beauty of the Pine Tree State, as well as the timelessness of small towns. Maine is where he truly considers home. With a young daughter of their own, Patrick and his wife, Jillian, want to pass on that tradition and live there full time in the future.

The ABC feature, which you can see by following the link above, includes an interview with Dempsey's mother, Amanda, who lives on the farm adjacent to Patrick's home in Harpswell. Local lobstHarpswell, Maineermen, whose presence on the Maine coast has been ubiquitous for generations are also interviewed by ABC's Good Morning America crew.

The video offers terrific insight into a unique and wonderful part of America, and is a must-see for any fan of the small town lifestyle, Grey's Anatomy, and Dempsey's undeniable charm.

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Love that he is from maine!! It is awesome to know that stars are starting to see maine now more and more


I am a huge Grey's Anatomy fan, but knowing that Mc. Dreamy is from Maine interests me even more! I am also a Maine-iac. It's the way life should be, it's where I shall be. One deep breath of that clean fresh air, I know I'm home!


yeahhhh its freezing here but good news, i got a sunburn yesterday. Dempsey is a hotttie though, he should stick around more often fah chowdah, and parkin tha cah, ahyuh.


i thought he was born in Lewiston. I grew up in Lewiston maine and also have ventured away. It does take someone special to stay, i was not that special to brave the cold. But visiting is nice.


I Just Moved To Harpswell, Im a city girl.. But wow I love it here, Such a beautiful place to live. Wouldnt want to be anywhere else.


He grew up in my Hometown, Buckfield!! It's amazing there!!


i wish he'd kissed me in third grade!!!


maine sounds like a reallyy great place to live. :)


As a fellow Mainer, I'm so proud that Patrick is from Maine. He's a great actor and a wonderful person. Go Grey's!


I went to grade school with him and remember in third grade I caught him kissing my best friend and was horrified. He said he would kiss me so I wouldn't tell the teacher - I RAN!!! :)

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