Round Table: "Fight or Flight Response / Losing My Religion"

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On the Season Finale of the Round Table, Burke battles for his relationship (and nervous system), Denny finally breathes his last, Richard grills the interns, and Mer and Der... Get. It. On.

Better example of true love: Izzie/Denny or Mer/Der?

The Truest Love?
McCritic: It can't be a coincidence that Mer/Der is starting to sound like the eerie command of a murderer, can it? That duo is killing the concept of true love! Screw rules, forget boundaries, show no restraint, act insane and irrational on occasion, just follow your heart - Izzie and Denny were the portrait of passion and devotion. I wish he hadn't died.

iheartizzie: I heart Izzie. Really. I grew to like Denny, too, and wanted them to grow old together. But sadly, this relationship barely got off the ground. It didn't even get out of bed! So I'm going with the latter couple, as both members are alive. That, and despite my personal loathing of MerDer (flood my inbox with hate mail, fans!), you can't dispute their passion. The yearning in Derek's eyes while dancing revealed how paralyzed he is with love for her.

Married-to-McDreamy: As much as I believe Derek and Meredith love each other and will end up together, I think the love shared between Izzie and Denny was truly the purest form of this emotion. Originally, I felt that these two couldn't possibly know they loved each other, as they never experienced anything together outside of that hospital room. However, my beliefs changed when Denny proposed to her. After watching them interact through the toughest of emotional battles, it became obvious to me that their love was very pure and sweet (Izzie's psychotic outbursts notwithstanding).

Which intern's one-on-one talk with Richard left the most lasting impression?

iheartizzie: Meredith, hands down. Nothing changes the subject and disarms an authority figure quite like discussing an extramarital affair he thought was secret, then blaming him for her own family's crumbling.
Married-to-McDreamy: Definitely Alex's discussion of the football team. Okay, maybe not. I
Loyal Dr. Karev
would have to say Meredith's talk left the greatest impression on our stoic chief. The second woman to confront Richard about his affair with Dr. Ellis Grey in one day, Meredith definitely caught him off guard.

McCritic: Alex. The use of an ideal metaphor will pretty much always leave a profound impession on yours truly, but this football foresight was a glimpse into Alex's troubled, bitter soul. He hates his team, but he's loyal to it. That says a lot. We can only hope Terrell Owens was paying attention.

More likely to survive: Dr. Burke's career, or his relationship with Dr. Yang?

Married-to-McDreamy: Unfortunately, I would have to say that his career is most likely over, which is quite sad considering he is the most calm, collected, and talented cardio-thoracic surgeon in Seattle. The scene in which Cristina took his hand at the end was quite moving though, and I believe that Burke will see that she does have a heart... sometimes.

McCritic: Burke is the honorable, admirable, caring yin to Cristina's self-absorbed, cold Dr. Yang. His hand will recover. This is a man who was born to cut people open, to save the world one replaced ventricle at a time. He'll also need the appendage to write a forceful break up email to Cristina.

iheartizzie: Throughout his career, Dr. Burke has been renowned as a surgeon with nerves of steel. Metaphorically speaking. One could even argue he is super-human. He will do what it takes to control his nerves in the literal sense, no matter how much physical theraphy it requires. Then he'll break up with Cristina over her lack of emotional support in his time of need. The nerve of that intern!

Will George ever say "I love you" to Calli?

McCritic: He better. If Calli doesn't hear those magic words some time soon, she'll love breaking every bone in little George's body. Should take her about six seconds.

Married-to-McDreamy: Yes. I believe George will say tho
The Abrasive Dr. Torres
se three little words to Calli, but only after she warms up to his "family." We all know that George values his close relationship with his fellow interns and if Calli continues to trash-talk these women, George will never reach Calli's level of adoration.

iheartizzie: George rushing into something is only slightly less likely than him getting a good haircut. He loves Calli, even if he won't admit it to himself, or say it aloud. The guy takes his time with heavy issues, but he'll get there eventually.

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